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Hello Everyone,

I had a lot of fun making this ATC!!! I saw a technique using adhesive metal sheets and wanted to give it a try. Shopping for the metal sheets was disappointing, they are super expensive and you don't get very many. I figured I could find something comparable at my local hardware store? I came back with aluminum foil tape, found in plumbing area. I think it turned out amazing and I only spent five dollars on a huge roll of aluminum foil tape.

Hope you like it!!! Here are the materials I used:
-chipboard heart/crown
-aluminum foil tape
-alcohol ink(stream/plum)
-sequin ribbon
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3 Responses

  1. Winter Says:

    Cute! I love the shabby chic design! Thanks for playing along with us in the EBTKS challenge! :)

  2. Monika Reeck Says:

    love your shabby design too...great card...Good luck with the challenge...I just joining EBTKS challenge too and my card is number 34, maybe you would like to see my blog?Many thanks before, hugs, Monika

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