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Don't let these flowers fool you...they're paper. I wanted to make these super realistic....have a look.

Create your flowers and add them to floral wire with floral tape. All my flowers were made with die cuts, and I Am Roses paper flowers. Add potpourri inside the vase to give your flowers a scent.

Hope you enjoyed this project and give it a try. Thanks for taking the time to read...I also love comments!
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  1. Hello Christina,I popped over to say thank-you for visiting my Blog and thinking it good enough to follow. It has made me very happy but unworthy especially as I have looked around yours and have seen your gorgeous work. Nevertheless,you are more than welcome to see my little efforts and if it's okay with you I will be one of your followers too x Hope you pop by to see me again again soon x

  2. duendes Says:

    your blog is very cute!!!

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