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Hello Everyone,

Here is the latest from my art journal...

This work of art is a product of some of my favorite pens, if you are considering journal art, these pens are a great investment:
-Uniball Signo White pen..for details and highlights
-Posca paint pens(water based)
-Sharpie paint pens(water based)

I used a magazine clipping for the face, collage flower for the hat, and a stamp by zettioogy for the tree trunk legs.

Extra color was added to her face with distress inks and I brightened the flower using water color crayons. I also went over the stamped image with my pens, this gives it a little more pop.

Background is a combo of acyclic paint and water color crayons blended together.

When I start a jourmal page I never plan it out...I have fun with it and get messy!!!

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